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Medical Marijuana is now available in Maryland. Visit our MD dispensary guide for FAQs, info about how to find nearby dispensaries open in Maryland, how to get a Maryland Medical Cannabis Patient ID Card, and how to order Medical Marijuana in our online dispensary menu.

  • Why does this store have limitations on the purchase method?

    Currently in Maryland, there are no state limitations on specific products per Governor Larry Hogan.

    To protect the safety of our team and medical patients, we are currently only accepting online orders. Everyone must wear a face covering while at our locations and maintain a distance of six feet. Our Bethesda location is currently allowing only one guest at a time in-store. Our Joppa and Silver Spring locations are curbside pick-up only.

    These safety steps will be in place until further notice. You can direct any questions regarding MD safety precautions to: enforcement.mmcc@maryland.gov

  • How do I redeem my SpringBig points using the new COVID 19 purchase methods?

    Please add in the notes section when purchasing via risecannabis.com that you would like to use your points. Also, please confirm with our team when you are at picking up at curbside (if applicable).

  • How do I get a Medical Marijuana card and become a patient?

    1. A valid state issued ID.
    2. Be 18+. Maryland accepts patients starting at 18 years old. Anyone younger than 18 requires a caregiver who is 21+. Only that caregiver may enter the dispensary.
    3. A valid, accessible email account.
    4. Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC).
    5. Pay the required registration fee.
    6. Have a qualifying condition outlined by the MMCC and found on their website.
    7. To receive a written certification from an approved physician in Maryland. Please contact your local RISE location for a provider list.
    8. To print your temporary program ID card and visit any RISE MD location.
    9. If you require a caregiver to purchase and pick-up product, they must register with the state as a caregiver (instructions are outlined on this resource page).
    For complete application process please visit:
    https://mmcc.maryland.gov/Pages/patients.aspx and https://mmcc.maryland.gov/pages/process_to_obtain.aspx

  • Can I use my Medical Marijuana card at multiple dispensary locations?

    Yes, your card can be used at any Maryland dispensary.

  • If this is my first time to this RISE store, what do I need to do?

    There are only a few things you will need to shop at our store. You can pre-register at risecannabis.com and provide your MMCC ID number with your online order or call and provide your MMCC ID number.

    When picking up your order, please bring a printed copy of your Medical Marijuana Card or your permanent Medical Marijuana Card, government issued ID and cash. All our stores have ATMs available on-site. If you have questions, we can provide a consultation over the phone at this time only until further notice.

  • What do I do if I need help and want to speak with a live person?

    No problem, please reach out to any one of our Maryland locations. We are happy to answer any questions.

    Rise Joppa: 410-676-1123
    Silver Spring: 301-565-8100
    Bethesda: 301-571-0420

    We hope to be back to meeting with our patients in person soon.

  • How does a caregiver purchase product for a Medical patient?

    You will first need to register as a caregiver with the state of Maryland (website below).
    Once you receive your caregiver ID # you can now assign your caregiver number to the patient’s profile. You can now shop on behalf of the patient at any Maryland dispensary. Please ensure you have your caregiver ID # and the patients MMCC ID number ready to go when visiting a Maryland dispensary.

    If you are a caregiver and placing an online order, please use the patients name instead of your own. Include the patients FULL NAME and MMCC ID in the notes section. Please also let the PCS know that you are a caregiver when picking up an order and have your ID and the patients’ MMCC ID number ready.

    For more information regarding Caregiver registration please visit: https://mmcc.maryland.gov/Pages/caregivers.aspx

  • Are there alternative payment methods available at this store?

    Our store is cash only. You will need to bring cash as there is currently no ATMs on-site for your use due to COVID-19.