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Illinois Dispensary Guide

Here are Recreational and Medical Marijuana Illinois Dispensary Guides for your visit to RISE Illinois Dispensaries. Find Illinois Marijuana FAQs, info about how to get a Medical Cannabis Registry Card, and how to order Marijuana Online in Illinois.

  • When will my Illinois Medical Cannabis Registry Card expire?

    If your medical cannabis registry card expires before May 1, 2021:

    Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Illinois Department of Public Health is immediately implementing a temporary process change for patients and caregivers whose cards will be expiring within the next 6 months.

    You will not be required to extend or renew your cards through renewal application and payment. You will receive new cards in the mail within the next few weeks which will add an additional year to the card term length. If you have already submitted a renewal application and payment, please understand that refunds are not allowed.

    We hope this will alleviate some concerns during this crisis.

  • Why does this store have limitations on the purchase method?

    In IL, the State mandates purchase limits for all cannabis dispensaries. If you’re an IL state resident, Governor Pritzker has set the limit up to 30 grams of flower, 500 milligrams of edibles and 500 milligrams of vape cartridges or disposables. Out of state guests can purchase up to half the state limits or 15 grams of flower, 250 milligrams of edibles and 250 milligrams of vape cartridges or disposables.

    In order to provide product to all of our patients and guests, we reserve the right to limit the amount of flower or any product per transaction to ensure supply availability.

    All our Illinois Dispensaries are taking the necessary steps to keep our team, patients and guests safe. The state of IL requires everyone to wear a face covering while visiting any of our RISE locations. Curbside pick-up is available at Mundelein, Effingham and Canton locations for medical patients only. If you’re a recreational only guest, please join our waitlist on the store page at risecannabis.com (Mundelein and Joliet only).

  • How do I redeem my High Risers points using the new COVID 19 purchase methods?

    There are two ways to redeem your points: You inform our team when purchasing in-store or identify in the online “Pick-up Instructions” section when purchasing via risecannabis.com. All points can only be redeemed at the register at checkout whether it is an online order or in store

  • How do I get a Medical Marijuana card and become a patient?

    In the State of Illinois you will need to have a doctor’s certification based on a qualifying condition (click here) . You can apply for a Medical Cannabis Card by heading to https://medicalcannabispatients.illinois.gov/.

    Interested in Illinois’ Opioid Alternative Pilot Program? https://etk.icts.illinois.gov/etk-icts-prod/login.request.do?service=/home.do.

    If you require additional assistance, you can connect our Outreach Team. You can find your store specific contact information at risecannabis.com

  • Can I use my Medical Marijuana card at multiple dispensary locations?

    No, the State of IL requires you to register with dispensary where you will shop. However, you can change your dispensary at any time at https://medicalcannabispatients.illinois.gov/

  • If this is my first time to this RISE store, what do I need to do?

    For Medical Curbside Pickup:

    1. Make sure you are registered to our dispensary (see above).
    2. If placing an order for Curbside Pick-up as a Medical patient, you will need to create an account and upload some State ID and Medical card/provisional card information. Follow the instructions for creating an account above the Menu. Select your items and proceed to Checkout. There, you will be prompted to provide this additional information. Your order cannot be processed without completing these steps to establish yourself as an Illinois Medical patient in our system.
    3. Place your order and bring cash for payment or debit card (please check store for availability).
    4. One of our Patient Care Specialists will greet you with a smile, ask for your name, and help you pay for your order.

    For Medical In-Store Pickup:

    1. Make sure you are registered to our dispensary (see above).
    2. Head to Rise and create your profile, being sure to upload your state ID and the front and back of your medical card or provisional card.

    3. Place your order, and visit our store for pick-up. Reminder, Mundelein, Effingham and Canton offer curbside pick-up. We prioritize medical patients.

    For Recreational Guests - Applies to Joliet and Mundelein only:

    1. Head to either the Joliet or Mundelein pages on our website and JOIN OUR WAITLIST
    2. Wait for the text letting you know we are ready for you.
    3. Head to the line in front of the building and wait to be called in.
    4. Have your state ID ready, cash and browse our menu (linked above) up on your phone while you wait. Our online menus are directly linked to in-store inventory.

  • What do I do if I need help and want to speak with a live person?

    No problem, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. If you need help obtaining a medical card or a consultation for a medical order please reach out to our Outreach Team by contacting your store location information on risecannabis.com.

  • How does a caregiver purchase product for a Medical patient?

    Rise Joliet is an Adult Use store; we do not have dedicated service to Illinois Medical patients. If you are a caregiver, you may simply shop at this store as an Adult 21+ shopper. However, if you are a caregiver and curious about how that works at our stores with Medical menus, please read on.

    A caregiver can assist you with the use of medical cannabis. A caregiver must have a valid caregiver card to purchase on behalf of a medical cannabis patient with or without the patient present. Consider designating a caregiver when you first apply for a medical cannabis card. Complete the Designated Caregiver Application and submit the required documents with your patient application.

    Once you are registered with the state as a caregiver you can place an order on behalf of your medical patient, and pick-up in the dispensary or curbside on behalf or your patient. Your accounts will be unified through the patient’s medical card number.

  • Are there alternative payment methods available at this store?

    We accept only cash, and have ATMs on site at all our stores. We recommend you bring cash to speed up your wait time. Please note, some of our locations also accept Hypur, Leafpay, cashless debit card services to make your shopping experience easy and convenient. Please contact your store for specifics.

  • New Patient Orientation