96 1⁄2‐teaspoon servings - 5 hours




How to Make Canna-Oil Fast

This fast Canna-Oil Recipe can be used to infuse your favorite oils and add a boost to your cannabis regiment. To infuse lighter oils, such as extra-virgin olive oil, it is particularly nice to use kief instead of flowers. You get to skip the messy step of straining the oil, and the kief will infuse quicker and impart less of a raw green taste to an oil that already has a slightly bitter, green flavor. It also gives you a use for all of that powdery trichome goodness that you’ve been collecting while making all of your flower-based infusions. If that stash is low, buy kief by the gram at your local dispensary. You can decarb your kief as well, which will give a slightly toasty flavor and also up the THC content. This recipe can be made using kief or flowers, and you can use any oil you prefer– definitely use an oil with a higher smoke point for cooking with, and a lighter oil for raw applications, such as drizzling on avocado toast. If you don’t remember how many grams in a half ounce. We’re here to tell you that its 14.1748 grams.


(8) ounces/1 cup of high-quality extra-virgin olive oil, OR any other oil that you’d like to infuse

(2) grams of decarboxylated or raw kief


1⁄4 ounce / 7 grams decarbed ground cannabis flowers (for strongest psychoactive effect, use decarboxylated flowers; use raw flowers for a less potent end product)


  • Fill the pot you are using about halfway full with water and set it on your stove to medium-high heat. If using the rack, which helps keep the infusion away from the direct heat from the bottom of the pan, set it in the pot now.
  • Stir the oil and kief (or cannabis flowers) in the clean 16-ounce jar and seal well with a clean lid. Place the jar in the pot of water and check the level of the water against the level of oil in the jar; the water should be just above the fat line, but not so high that the jar begins to float and swim around.
  • When the water has come up to a simmer, turn the heat all the way down to the lowest setting and place the jar in the water bath. Ideally your water bath will be at around 190° F maximum, 175° F minimum, and you want to maintain that temperature for about 2 hours if using kief, 3-4 hours if using flowers-- and somewhere in between if you are using a mix of the two. Check the water level and temperature at least once an hour, adding hot (or cool) water as needed. “Burp” the jar after the first hour-- remove it, dry and open the lid, then reseal and submerge again.
  • After 3-4 hours maximum, remove the jar from the heat and let cool just enough for you to handle. If you used kief, you’re done!
  • But if you used flowers... place the cheesecloth or other fine mesh cloth over your stainless steel strainer, then place this over a clean jar or funnel and bottle, whatever you will store your canna-oil in. Don’t forget to label it thoroughly so anyone who comes across it will know it is infused, and include the date.
  • Store your canna-oil in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks, or in the refrigerator for up to a month.
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