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All products are tested in-house and are then independently lab tested to ensure they meet the strict potency and safety standards set by the Minnesota Department of Health. Our pharmacists consult with our patients to provide individualized, goal-oriented care. Our products are organized into categories such as our “lineage” category.

ManufacturerStrainTHC LevelLineageWeightPrice
&Shine Pre-Rolls Bubble GumMixedIndica0.75 gram$18.00
&Shine Pre-Rolls Purple Buddha x ACDCMixedHybrid0.75 gram$18.00
&Shine Pre-Rolls White & Super Silver HazeHigh THCSativa0.75 gram$18.00
&Shine Pre-Rolls Jack Herer High THCSativa0.75 gram$18.00
&Shine Pre-Rolls Granddaddy Purple #1High THCIndica0.75 gram$18.00
&Shine Pre-Rolls Thai LightsHigh THCHybrid0.75 gram$18.00
&Shine Pre-Rolls Cotton Candy KushHigh THCSativa0.75 gram$16.00
&Shine Pre-Rolls Granddaddy Purple #5MixedIndica.75 gram$16.00
&Shine Pre-RollsHi-Biscus #5High THCHybrid0.75 gram$18.00
&Shine Pre-RollsHi-Biscus #6High THCHybrid0.75 gram$18.00
&Shine Pre-RollsLemon OG KushMixedIndica0.75 gram$14.00
&Shine Pre-RollsLemon OG Kush #8MixedIndica0.75 gram$16.00
&Shine Pre-RollsVanilla FrostingHigh THCHybrid0.75 gram$16.00
&Shine Pre-RollsLemontineHight THCSativa0.75 gram$16.00
Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls V6 Haze #5 High THCSativa1.75 gram (5 count)$40.00
Dogwalkers Pre-RollsNorth StarHigh THCSativa1.75 gram (5 count)$40.00
Dogwalkers Pre-RollsLemontineHigh THCSativa1.75 gram (5 count)$40.00
Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls Granddaddy Purple #1High THCIndica1.75 gram (5 count)$40.00
Dogwalkers Pre-RollsPurple PrideHigh THCIndica1.75 gram (5 count)$40.00
Dogwalkers Pre-RollsVanilla FrostingHigh THCHybrid1.75 gram (5 count)$40.00
Dogwalkers Pre-RollsSilver FoxHigh THCHybrid1.75 gram (5 count)$40.00
&Shine Pre-RollsPurple PrideHigh THCIndica1.75 gram$16.00
&Shine Flower
White x Super Silver HazeHigh THCSativa3.5 gram$55.00
&Shine FlowerJack Herer High THCSativa3.5 gram$55.00
&Shine FlowerGranddaddy Purple #1High THCIndica3.5 gram$55.00
&Shine FlowerPurple Buddha x ACDCMixedHybrid3.5 gram$55.00
&Shine Flower Bubble GumMixedIndica3.5 gram$55.00
&Shine Flower Liberty HazeHigh THCSativa3.5 gram$55.00
&Shine Flower Thai LightsHigh THCHybrid3.5 gram$55.00
&Shine FlowerGranddaddy Purple #5MixedIndica3.5 gram$55.00
&Shine FlowerHi-Biscus #5High THCHybrid3.5 gram$55.00
&Shine FlowerHi-Biscus #6High THCHybrid3.5 gram$55.00
&Shine FlowerGelato #5MixedIndica3.5 gram$55.00
&Shine FlowerVanilla FrostingHigh THCHybrid3.5 gram$60.00
&Shine FlowerLemontineHigh THCSativa3.5 gram$60.00
&Shine Select Grind Liberty HazeHigh THCSativa7 gram$65.00
&Shine Select GrindWhite x Super Silver HazeHigh THCSativa7 gram$70.00
&Shine Select GrindLemon OG KushMixedIndica7 gram$60.00
&Shine Select GrindGelato #5MixedIndica7 gram$60.00
&Shine Select GrindJack HererHigh THCSativa7 gram$65.00
&Shine Select GrindGranddaddy PurpleHigh THCIndica7 gram$65.00
&Shine Select Grind V6 Haze #5
High THCSativa7 gram$75.00
&Shine Select Grind Purple PrideHigh THCIndica7 gram$75.00
&Shine Mini Buds Granddaddy Purple #1High THCIndica7 gram$90.00
&Shine Mini Buds Granddaddy Purple #5MixedIndica7 gram$75.00
&Shine Mixed BudsSuper Silver HazeHigh THCSativa7 gram$100.00
&Shine Mixed BudsVanilla FrostingHigh THCHybrid7 gram$100.00
&Shine Mixed BudsV6High THCSativa7 gram$100.00
&Shine Mixed BudsNorth StarHigh THCSativa7 gram$100.00
&Shine Mixed BudsAll Gas OGHigh THCIndica3.5 gram
&Shine Mixed BudsOG KushHigh THCIndica3.5 gram
&Shine Mixed BudsJelly DancerHigh THCSativa3.5 gram
&Shine Mixed BudsNotorious THCHigh THCIndica3.5 gram
&Shine Mixed BudsNorthern LightsHigh THCIndica3.5 gram
Vireo Flower San Fernando Lemon KushHigh THCSativa Dominant Hybrid3.5 gram$50.00
Vireo FlowerRoyal CookiesHigh THCIndica Dominant Hybrid3.5 gram$55.00
Vireo FlowerKiller KushHigh THCIndica Dominant Hybrid3.5 gram$55.00
Vireo FlowerMandarin CookiesHigh THCSativa Dominant Hybrid3.5 gram$55.00
Vireo FlowerChem Fruit FunkHigh THCSativa Dominant Hybrid3.5 gram$60.00
Vireo Flower Ice CoolHigh THCSativa Dominant Hybrid3.5 gram$60.00
Vireo FlowerCritical JackHigh THCHybrid3.5 gram$65.00
Vireo FlowerOG KushHigh THCBalanced Hybrid3.5 gram$65.00
Vireo FlowerCandy GlueHigh THCHybrid3.5 gram$75.00
Vireo Flower Buddha Tahoe OGHigh THCSativa3.5 gram$55.00
Vireo FlowerJelly Breath WhiteHigh THCIndica3.5 gram$55.00


Our wide range of cannabis extract-based products start with the expertly cultivated plants from our environmentally controlled indoor cultivation facility. Having all manufacturing steps completed in one facility (from growing to extraction to the creation of medical cannabis products) allows us to ensure quality is built-in from start to finish.

The cannabis plant extract is formulated into products with targeted cannabinoid ratios and into multiple pharmaceutical-based dosage forms to fill your needs as a medical cannabis patient. We strive to create the best functioning products on the market and use natural and plant-derived ingredients whenever possible. That includes our Indica and Sativa based products.

Tangerine (THC Dominant)

Medications in the Tangerine product family contain high levels of THC and low/trace levels of CBD. Tangerine medications can help reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, alleviate anxiety, and help improve appetite.

This benefit comes without the risk of respiratory depression and high levels of addiction that current prescription opioid pain medications do.

ProductVolume/QtyCBD (mg)THC (mg)Price
Lozenges - Mango Passion Fruit ‚ 5mg Each / 15ct.Trace*75$20.00
Lozenges - Root Beer ‚ 5mg each / 15ct.Trace*75$20.00
Tangerine Capsule - 5mg30 / CapsuleTrace* / Capsule150$29.00
Tangerine Capsule - 10mg30 / CapsuleTrace* / Capsule300$57.00
Tangerine Oral Suspension - Orange Cream120 mLTrace*240$46.00
Tangerine Oral Suspension - Orange Cream (2)240 mLTrace*480$87.00
Tangerine Oral Suspension - Unflavored120 mLTrace*240$46.00
Tangerine Oral Suspension ES - Unflavored60 mLTrace*1200$229.00
Tangerine Sublingual (Spray) - Vanilla Mint15 mLTrace*300$57.00
Tangerine Topical30 mLTrace* 150$29.00
Tangerine Vaporization (Cartridge)0.5 mL20400$70.00
&Shine Distillate Vaporizer Sativa .5gTrace* 435$65.00
&Shine Distillate Vaporizer Indica.5gTrace* 435$65.00
&Shine Distillate Vaporizer Hybrid.5gTrace* 435$65.00
Tangerine Oil Dispenser 1g40800$125.00

Heather (1:1 THC/CBD)

Medications in the Heather product family contain equal levels of THC and CBD. Combining THC and CBD in similar amounts reduces the sedating/psychoactive effects without diminishing the therapeutic effect of the medication.

Our pharmacists commonly advise this type of medication for painful muscle spasm disorders, neuropathic pain, select cancer-related pain, and other conditions.

ProductVolume/QtyCBD (mg)THC (mg)Price
Heather Capsule - 5mg30 / Capsule150150$39.00
Heather Vaporization (Cartridge)0.5 mL218218$59.00
Heather Sublingual Spray - Vanilla Mint15 mL225225$59.00
Heather Oral Suspension - Unflavored60 mL300300$79.00
Heather Oral Suspension - Cherry Vanilla60 mL300300$79.00
Heather Oral Suspension - Cherry Vanilla (2)120 mL600600$150.00
Heather Topical30 mL150150$40.00

Cobalt (20:1 CBD/THC)

Medications in the Cobalt product family contain high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. CBD is less sedating and has minimal psychoactive effects. CBD is well known for its anti-seizure properties and thus Cobalt is recommended for patients with epilepsy and other seizure disorders.

Because CBD is also known for its neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties, Cobalt products are also recommended for patients with chronic pain. Patients have reported that Cobalt products can help with anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions.

ProductVolume/QtyCBD (mg)THC (mg)Price
Cobalt Vaporization (Cartridge)**0.5 mL41322$41.00
Cobalt Oral Suspension - Unflavored60 mL120060$95.00
Cobalt Oral Suspension - Unflavored30 mL60030$50.00
Cobalt Capsules 30ct 20mg1mg$34.00

“Trace” means a component that comprises less than one percent of the total cannabinoid content.

^ This product is only available to patients enrolled in the New Product Pilot Program study.

** Limited quantities available, please contact your care center for more information.

*** This product is temporarily unavailable. Please reach out to your care center for additional information.