Dec 02 2019 - 3 Min Read

Anatomy of the Cannabis Plant From Seed to Bud

Learn all the critical information about terpenes, the most special thing about bud.

So you know how beneficial cannabis can be, but do you know exactly what the cannabis plant is made of? Our cannabis dispensary serving Illinois is breaking down the cannabis plant, helping you understand its anatomy from the very first seed to its full-bloomed bud.

The Beginnings: Seed

When looking for a healthy and mature cannabis seed, you will find that its shape is rounded and has one pointed end and one flat end. The tough outer casing—which feels rigid—plays an important role: it prevents the seed from getting crushed. There is a seam on the seed, which is able to separate the two shell halves, ultimately opening during germination allowing for the iconic green leaves to poke through.

Marijuana Plant – Rise Cannabis

The Middle: Roots

The first thing to emerge from a germinated cannabis seed is the taproot, as it grows downwards. Roots are an extremely important part of the plant as everything is built off of it. There are three types of roots that all work together to help the plant grow. The taproot is the main component; the fibrous root is a branch off from the taproot; and adventitious roots, which are thick and sprout from the stem just above the ground. The taproot, specifically, will need moisture and nutrition to serve its three main purposes:
-Anchors: The root serves to anchor the plant to the substrate.
-Provides: The root will provide the plant with water and nutrients.
-Storage: The root will act as a storage compartment for the sugars and starches that are produced by photosynthesis.

Next Up: The Root Crown

Located very close to the surface, the crown is where the roots and stem join together, dividing a line between the upward and downward growth. Here, the cell division takes place.

On Top: The Stem and Nodes

The stem will keep the plant upright, supporting the weight of the plant and carrying the moisture and nutrients from the root to the leaves. The nodes are where all the growth takes place, producing hormones and producing auxins.

The Final Touches: Fan Leaves and Flowers

The cannabis leaves are the iconic star of the show. These leaves contain low levels of THC, shading the delicate buds from the hot sun. The flowers, also known as buds, produce compounds for the plant. And for those who love girl power, did you know that these flowers are actually female? The female cannabis plant is able to create multiple main colas to increase limited growing areas.

So, what exactly does this mean? Whether you have experience utilizing the power of the flower or if you’re just getting started, our team at Rise takes pride in understanding the cannabis plant from the inside-out. If you’re interested in learning more about the anatomy of the cannabis plant and how it can benefit you in its many different forms, visit your nearest Rise location to learn about some of the exciting educational classes we teach.