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Cannabis 101

How To Rehydrate Cannabis

11.11.22 - 4 min read


  • Preventing marijuana from drying is easier than rehydrating it.  
  • Dry cannabis can lose its aroma, flavor, and potency.  
  • There are several good methods to rehydrate marijuana but all of them include exposing dry marijuana buds to moisture.  

Ever reached into a bag of flower and pulled out dry, lifeless buds and said to yourself “my buds are too dry”? It’s the worst. And if its happened once, that’s should be it. Luckily, there are ways to rehydrate cannabis safely and effectively. Learning how to rehydrate marijuana is important if to achieve the ultimate cannabis experience. Over-dried cannabis isn’t only unpleasant to use, but it can also lack the effect and potency of dried cannabis. Fortunately, you can take certain measures to bring dried cannabis buds back to life. Check out this helpful guide to find out the best way to rehydrate marijuana.  


How to Keep Marijuana From Drying Out?  

Prevention is better than a cure. Knowing how to keep marijuana from drying out in the first place, means not having to spend extra time and effort rehydrating it. Start by always buying fresh and good-quality cannabis from a reputable, licensed dispensary.   

However, even the finest marijuana can quickly lose moisture if it isn’t kept from drying out. The best way to store your cannabis is to use a glass jar. Make sure the jar is tightly sealed at all times and put it in a place where it isn’t exposed to heat and light. Oxygen and ultraviolet rays can kill the cannabinoids and terpenes in your marijuana, making it lose its potency and health benefits.   

With this simple trick, you can keep your buds fresh for longer. For the best effect, you may want to get an airtight container that’s specially made for storing marijuana.   

Why Rehydrate Marijuana  

Similar to most other plants, marijuana needs a certain amount of moisture to maintain its potency for a long time. If it dries out, its cannabinoids and terpenes will begin to degrade, which can undermine its therapeutic benefits. Furthermore, over-dried cannabis will lose its distinctive flavor and scent and become less pleasant to use. It tends to burn unevenly and produce hotter and harsher hits that can cause coughing and throat irritation. It also becomes less effective in providing you with the high and feeling of relaxation you’re looking for.   

Before you rehydrate cannabis, you should be able to determine whether it’s salvageable. If your marijuana has been dry for months, its cannabinoid effects may have been reduced to the extent that it’s no different from smoking a common weed that grows in your backyard. However, if your buds only dried out recently due to exposure to a less-than-ideal temperature or too much air, it may be worth rehydrating.   


How to Rehydrate Marijuana  

When opening a marijuana container and realizing that “my buds are too dry,” don’t fret. Learning how to rehydrate cannabis is something that everybody can do as it doesn’t require major technical knowledge or skills. There are many ways to rehydrate marijuana. They all have one thing in common, which is exposing dry buds to moisture. Once it absorbs moisture, cannabis will slowly return to the soft and flexible consistency it used to have. Find out the best way to rehydrate marijuana by experimenting with the following methods.  

Fruit Peel Method  

The fruit peel method not only increases the level of moisture in the marijuana but also enhances its aroma. Nonetheless, if trying to rehydrate dried bud that’s extremely dry, this may not be the ideal option. This method is meant to be a short-term preventive solution or for moistening cannabis that’s just beginning to dry out. Avoid using it for long-term hydration as it can lead to mold growth.   

Ideally, citrus peel or orange peels should be used for this method, but bananas can work as well. The amount of peel needed depends on the quantity of dry cannabis flower being rehydrated. Peel the fruit and place the peel on top of the marijuana in an air-tight ziplock or sandwich bag. Check the buds after two to three hours. If your cannabis hasn’t reached optimal moisture even though the peel has dried out, replace the existing peel with a new peel. Keep doing this until the marijuana is properly rehydrated.   

Fruit Peel Method for Rehydrating Cannabis

Bread Method  

If there’s no of fruits at home, bread can also be used to rehydrate marijuana. Take a piece of bread and moisten it by spraying or splashing it with water. Make sure it doesn’t soak the bread. Next, place the bread and dry marijuana in an air-tight container for one or two hours so that the moisture can distribute itself. After that, open the container and check your cannabis to see if it’s sufficiently rehydrated. If not, then repeat the process.  

Bread Method for Rehydrating Cannabis

Lettuce Method  

Lettuce does a great job of rehydrating cannabis because it’s composed of 95% water. This method works the same way as the fruit peel method, requiring a lettuce leaf to be put over the marijuana in an air-tight bag. Lettuce leafs that are just big enough to fit in the bag and dampen it with water should be used. Usually, the process won’t need to be repeated because the lettuce should have sufficient moisture to rehydrate the cannabis in two to three hours. The lettuce method is a good choice to moisten your marijuana quickly or avoid introducing a new aroma into the buds.  

Lettuce Method for Rehydrating Cannabis

Distilled Water and a Container Method  

Another effective way to rehydrate marijuana bud is to use distilled water and a container to create a makeshift marijuana humidor. Place a packet of cannabis in a jar or plastic container with a lid. The packet should be opened, not sealed. Next soak a paper towel in distilled water, making it roughly 75% damp, not dripping. Note that excess moisture can promote mold growth, which is also the reason why spraying dry buds with water should be avoided. Put the paper towel in the container along with the packet of dried marijuana and seal it with the lid. Wait for two to three hours before opening the container.   

Container Method for Rehydrating Cannabis

Hot Water Pot  

To learn how to moisten dry marijuana in minutes instead of hours, try the hot water pot method. While it can rehydrate cannabis quickly, this method requires extra caution as it can easily lead to overhydration. Use it only when necessary and watch the marijuana closely.   

Start by boiling water in a large pot. Then, remove the pot from the stove and place a washcloth over it, securing the cloth around the rim to create a tight seal. 

Put the marijuana on top of the cloth and let the rising water vapor moisten it. To ensure thorough rehydration, turn the buds every few minutes. After 35 to 40 minutes, your cannabis should be ready to enjoy.   

Knowing how to how to moisten dry marijuana can make a big difference in any user’s experience with cannabis. All it takes is just a little extra time and effort. Anyone looking for high-quality marijuana that can remain fresh for a long time, are invited to stop by one of the many RISE dispensaries. We’re able to provide you with marijuana products that offer maximum health benefits and enjoyment. Feel free to contact us for more information about our cannabis products.  



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