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Cannabis 101

What is Cannabis Popcorn?

10.27.22 - 4 min read

  • Cannabis popcorn buds are regular marijuana buds – only smaller. 
  • These are often overlooked but can be a great option for people with a tight budget. 
  • Popcorn nugs are a great way to discover new strains without buying larger amounts. 

As marijuana is becoming increasingly legal and accessible, new products like THC popcorn are available at most dispensary locations and provide a portable, low-key smoking experience with more punch than you might expect. Cheaper than bigger buds of the same strain, marijuana popcorn is a budget-friendly option that delivers the potency of A-grade buds in smaller quantities, making it perfect for sampling various strains or for packing a quick bowl on the run.  

These little guys contain the same metabolites as their larger siblings, however. So don’t let the size trick you into thinking they don’t produce big effects.  


What is “popcorn marijuana”?  

Cannabis popcorn is a great choice for anyone looking for mid-range, quality bud without paying a lot for it or buying a large quantity. To understand more about what to expect from this popular cannabis option here’s some information about the growing and cultivation process, as well as how these small buds are produced. 

Marijuana, like any plant, requires a specific environment and care method for optimal growth. Since factors such as airflow and sunlight affect the size of the flowers, popcorn buds occur near the bottom of the plant and are generally harvested early to streamline the plant’s energy into the larger buds near the top. When these smaller buds are cut away, the marijuana plant is able to grow larger flower buds near the top, where sunlight and airflow are abundant.  

All marijuana flowers (aka buds), whether they occur at the bottom or the top of the plant, have a certain number of trichomes. These are the fibers that create a sticky substance containing cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids—the molecules that affect the various types of effects a marijuana plant offers. The strength of a strain and the specific symptoms it helps relieve depend on the exact mix of these metabolites and how your body responds to them. [Source] 

Marijuana buds close-up. Medicinal cannabis flowering on white background.

What are the pros of popcorn cannabis? 

Popcorn flower has a few pros to consider when shopping for cannabis: 

  • It’s more affordable – Popcorn is available at a lower cost and is a more affordable option for those on a tight budget. 
  • Easier to use for microdosing – due to the smaller size of the buds. 
  • Has a lighter effect – as popcorn buds come from the lower parts of the cannabis plant, they have fewer trichomes than the buds from the top, which results in a lower amount of compounds. 

Why should I choose cannabis popcorn vs. flower? 

First, it’s important to understand that cannabis popcorn is actually cannabis flower, just a smaller version of it. While the amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids might be lower in a popcorn bud versus a bigger flower, it still contains everything present in the larger version. If you are purchasing a powerful strain with high levels of THC, expect the popcorn buds to be powerful, as well.  

In fact, for anyone new to the world of cannabis, popcorn bud is a great way to learn about different types of marijuana. With enough THC to mimic its larger sister buds, popcorn marijuana is a budget-friendly choice for sampling multiple strains without a large financial commitment. This can be a great way to explore the differences between the physical, emotional, and mental effects of various strains based on what you are looking for in any cannabis journey.  

Additionally, popcorn nuggets are great for pressing resin or increasing the potency of your edibles. They’re also perfect for a quick smoke when it’s too much to carry a lot of marijuana on or to worry about grinding larger quantities. A quick bowl can also be packed, using multiple cannabis popcorn nugs for small use, or add them to a dry leaf vape. These qualities make it a great choice for adding to or expanding your marijuana experience in its other forms. Make sure to follow your state-specific laws when it comes to smoking or vaporizing marijuana products!


Which strain of cannabis popcorn is right for me?  

Since everyone is different and responds to marijuana in varying ways, it’s always a good idea to speak with a doctor or patient care specialist at one of our RISE dispensaries to learn more. With a lot of misinformation on the internet, it’s always a good idea to speak with knowledgeable experts in the industry to discover what may work best.  

The marijuana strain that will work best depends on you’re an individual’s requirements and the effect they are hoping to achieve.  

For example, for better sleep, one of our Indica-dominant strains might be best, since it produces physical relaxation and a general feeling of ease or comfort.

How will I know the lab results of cannabis popcorn?  

As with any professional marijuana dispensary, we ensure that all lab results are available for each strain we sell to give consumers the confidence they need before using any of our products. Each test result will tell which strain is dominant in the chosen cannabis popcorn, along with how much naturally occurring THC is present in the flower.  


Your trusted source for all things cannabis 

As always, we are here to help you navigate the world of cannabis and would like to show you how to make the best choice when buying popcorn nugs vs flower. Our expertise in the industry is unmatched, and our mission is to educate consumers on the many benefits of the marijuana plant, along with how to choose the best strain for their individual needs.  

Do you have any other questions or are you interested in learning more? Find a RISE Dispensary near you or get in touch with us. 



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