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Where Can You Find Legal Cannabis in Illinois?


As of January 1, 2020, cannabis has been legalized in the state of Illinois. This leads to one important question – where can you purchase legal cannabis in Illinois? Though it may now be legal within the state,, there are still many rules and regulations that must be followed when purchasing either medical or recreational marijuana. Additionally, it’s important for those who are seeking products to be certain they are purchasing quality, safe products.

Find Cannabis Dispensaries Near You

Those seeking legal cannabis can find what they are looking for by visiting a cannabis dispensary in Illinois. Any individual who is looking to purchase either medical or recreational marijuana must make their purchase from a licensed seller of the product. The good news for many individuals is with the new legalization of cannabis, they can now purchase legal cannabis in Illinois, even if they don’t have a medical marijuana card. As of right now, the only way to get recreational marijuana is by visiting a cannabis dispensary that distributes medical marijuana. However, in the future, more locations will receive licenses to be able to sell cannabis and other similar products.

Buying from Rise Cannabis

Rise Cannabis is a cannabis dispensary with locations now available across the country, including within the state of Illinois. The team at Rise Cannabis has long understood the numerous benefits of both medical and recreational cannabis and is pleased to now be able to offer these products to customers within the state of Illinois, including the cities of Mundelein, Effingham, Joliet, Canton and Quincy. Those interested in learning about how they can purchase from a local cannabis dispensary can contact us today to learn more.