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Cannabis Tinctures: The Feel Collection

“Whether you are a new medical patient or a recreational user, tinctures are a great place to start figuring out your daily medication regimen.”

Emma Collard Cannabis Blogger
Emma Collard- Medical Marijuana Patient and Cannabis Blogger

About the Author:
Our guest author is Emma Collard. Emma is a Public Relations specialist and has been in the cannabis industry for 4 years.

This blog is sponsored by Green Thumb Industries. Any opinions expressed are those of Emma.

CBD Oil Benefits

“When I first began hearing about CBD oil benefits, I was a bit skeptical. Everything I was reading sounded just a little too good to be true. How can one CBD tincture bring relief to such a wide variety of symptoms – without any unwanted side effects?

CBD Oil Benefits
The Feel Collection Cannabis Tinctures
CBD Oil Benefits
Photo: Emma Collard

As an Army veteran diagnosed with chronic pain and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, I suffer from a crippling amount of anxiety. None of the prescription medications I tried seemed to be bringing relief. I struggled daily to complete basic tasks, and every new pharmaceutical that I tried brought on more side effects than before. After being treated in the emergency room for a serotonin overdose, I decided that I no longer wanted to rely on prescription medications to feel better. So, I began researching holistic remedies, like the different kinds of CBD oil Florida offers, and I realized that there were so many other options available.

But, I was curious to see if a cannabis tincture would help me manage my symptoms and get me back to feeling like my usual self again, so I became a qualified medical marijuana patient in Florida. At my appointment, my cannabis physician discussed the best CBD oil products available and suggested that if I buy CBD oil that I start with The Feel Collection, which was available at my local RISE Dispensary.

I took his advice and tried a few of The Feel Collection™ tinctures. The relief I felt from using these products was just what I was looking for for my symptom relief. Months later, I have had the opportunity to try them all, and I have yet to be disappointed. This collection is one of my favorite brands because the specially formulated products have proven to offer relief, and they taste delicious too!

While most cannabis brands focus on incorporating high amounts of THC in all of their products, The Feel Collection™ focuses on the bigger picture. By taking an even more holistic approach and incorporating other natural essential oils, they can cater to every user’s unique wants and needs. They help you get back on track, retake hold of your life, and make you feel like you can take on the world without any setbacks.

What is a Tincture?

There are plenty of ways to use cannabis, some of which are more user-friendly than others. Marijuana tinctures are one of the oldest forms of medicinal cannabis and were even used during pre-prohibition times in the US. Whether you are a new medical patient or a recreational user, tincturesare a great place to start figuring out your daily medication regimen.

Tinctures are any medicine made by dissolving a substance in alcohol, like marijuana. Like extracted cannabis oils, tinctures extract the terpenes and cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, from the plant material, offering the desired relief known as the “entourage effect.” Without maintaining the majority of the plant’s chemical profile, the medicine effects will not be as strong as they could be.

Benefits of Using Cannabis Tinctures

Feel Comfort CBD & THC Tincture
Feel Comfort CBD & THC Tincture by The Feel Collection
Photo: Emma Collard

Tinctures are especially great for first-time cannabis users and those looking for an easy way to medicate. Here are some reasons why:

  • Variety of Options. Cannabis tinctures contain precise amounts of various cannabinoids. Tinctures are available in options that include high THC and CBD amounts. You can also find ones that contain levels of other beneficial cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBG, and CBC.
  • They are discrete. Many people who are curious about using cannabis are hesitant because of the smell the plant produces. Consuming a tincture allows a person to avoid the stench while still getting all the benefits cannabis has to offer. Tincture oils also come in a discreet bottle, allowing for consumption around others without causing attention to oneself.
  • They are diverse. Cannabis tinctures can be used in many ways. You can choose to use them sublingually and have it dissolve under your tongue, orally by adding them into a drink or on top of food, and even topically by rubbing it onto your skin.
  • Easy to dose. Tinctures are the perfect option for finding your preferred dosage. Because everyone reacts to cannabis products differently, using the “start low and go slow” method is recommended for new users. You can easily measure out the desired dose with the dropper and increase, decrease, or keep it the same – without having to worry about doing the math required to dose out flower or a concentrate.
  • Fast onset of effects. Effects from a THC tincture or other cannabis tincture will set in rather quickly. Compared to edibles, which can take about an hour or more to kick in, the effects of tinctures can be felt in as little as fifteen minutes. This allows the user to quickly understand how the dose is affecting them before moving onto other tasks.
  • Long shelf-life. Tinctures can last for an extended period if kept in a cool, dry, dark place. They can be added to various foods, including juices, soups, sauces, and more. Just be sure to keep your tinctures closed tightly to prevent deterioration and evaporation, and shake well before using because separation may happen over time.
  • Low calorie. Tinctures offer a great alternative to edibles for those who are calorie-conscious. Since they are not combined with other ingredients needed to make treats tasty, they are perfect for those looking for a healthier oral route of administration.

The Feel Collection

The Feel Collection Cannabis Tinctures
The Feel Collection at RISE Florida Marijuana Dispensaries
Photo: Emma Collard

Recently, Headset, a cannabis analytics company, conducted a study that showed the cannabis products women prefer. This was based on data collected from recent purchases that they were making. The study found that men tend to purchase whole flower and concentrates, but women choose other methods such as edibles, tinctures, and topicals.

Created by women for women, The Feel Collection™ is a family of carefully curated cannabis products that offers a holistic approach to wellness available for purchase at RISE Dispensaries throughout Florida, Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts. They blend cannabis extracts with natural ingredients to make the overall experience more than just getting high and calming down. Their products fuse premium cannabis with natural essential oils.

The Feel Collection Tinctures infused with essential oils, discreet capsules, and potent RSOs ensure the highest levels of purity and allow for simple, accurate dosing. Whatever relief you are looking for — an anxiety-free mindset, energy to take on the day, or a night of restful sleep — The Feel Collection™ can help you take another step toward feeling better.

The Feel Collection™ tinctures are available in five varieties: Comfort, Dreamy, Energized, Relaxed, and Healed.

Feel Healed

CBD Tincture with 300mg of CBD and low amounts of THC.

Contains grapeseed oil, soothing organic ginger root for better digestion, and soothing organic peppermint.

The Healed tincture is one of the best CBD oils available for new marijuana users. This ratio is ideal for those who do not want to feel the psychoactive “high” from THC but want to get the benefits of CBD while obtaining the desired entourage effect.

Feel Comfort

CBD: THC Tincture with 200mg of CBD and 100mg of THC.

Contains cleansing organic lemon myrtle and soothing organic peppermint.

The Comfort tincture is a 2:1 formulation ideal for THC sensitive users who are still in need of the relief it offers. The CBD keeps the euphoric feelings mild and sometimes even noticeable, but the added THC will provide better pain relief and overall relaxation.

Feel Energized

Sativa Tincture with 100mg THC

Contains organic coffee rich in antioxidants, tangerine peel, and absolute vanilla.

The Feel Energized formulation blends premium cannabis extract with a few essential oils known for their energy-boosting properties. It gets rid of pain, is rich in antioxidants, and offers a creative and light mindset that motivates you to get things done.

Feel Relaxed

Indica Tincture with 100mg THC

Contains organic chamomile and spearmint to support digestion and to help you chill like the best of them.

The Feel Relaxed tinctures added essential oils help to support digestion as well as chills you out after a stressful day. It is an excellent option for those who suffer from migraines, chronic pain, nausea, and mild insomnia.

CBN  + THC Tincture Feel Relaxed
CBN & THC Tincture: Feel Relaxed by The Feel Collection
Photo: Emma Collard

Feel Dreamy

CBN: THC Tincture with 50mg of CBN and 50mg of THC

Contains organic chamomile and spearmint to support digestion and relaxation.

Feel Dreamy combines an equal amount of CBN and THC with relaxing essential oils. CBN is another cannabinoid that is being studied for its sedative effects. This option is best for those looking specifically for help, both falling and staying asleep.

The Feel Collection™ is the perfect line of tinctures for both new and experienced cannabis users. With a variety of options that includes other beneficial ingredients, there is an option to fit every need. “

Emma Collard, Author
Emma Collard

About the Author:
Emma Collard is a Public Relations specialist and has been in the cannabis industry for 4 years. She is a veteran who served in the US Army as an Intelligence Analyst and received an Honorable Discharge for injuries received while enlisted. Emma is passionate about all things cannabis and helping break the stigma while bridging the gap between the medical and recreational markets!

You can find The Feel Collection™ wherever legal cannabis products are sold. Available at RISE Dispensaries in Florida, Illinois Dispensaries, Maryland Dispensaries, and Massachusetts Dispensaries. Coming soon to Nevada Dispensaries. In-store availability may vary.