Dec 23 2019 - 3 Min Read

Terpenes 101

Learn all the critical information about terpenes, the most special thing about bud.

Whether you’re an avid marijuana smoker or not, the smell of marijuana is something that is distinguishable on its own. Cannabis terpenes are the aromatic oils that help provide different cannabis varieties with distinctive flavors and benefits found at our marijuana dispensaries. Whether you inhale and smell mint, citrus or berry, you can thank the terpenes in cannabis for producing that smell.

What Factors Influence the Plant’s Terpene Development?

Multiple factors come into play when determining the terpene development of a marijuana plant, including the climate in which it is grown, the age and maturation of the plant, the soil type, fertilizers that are used and even the time of day that the plant is smelled. There are over 100 different terpenes that are identified in the cannabis plant, with every strain featuring a unique composition and terpene type. For example, an indica blueberry flavor is composed of mainly herbal terpenes combined with hints of pepper and pine to create a robust, distinct blueberry smell.

The Benefits of Terpenes

Different terpenes play a different role in cannabis strains, although more research is necessary to fully understand how and to what extent this is the case. Some terpenes promote relaxation and stress relief and others promote focus. However, keep in mind that how terpenes make you feel are also impacted by the presence or absence of other compounds, a phenomenon more commonly known as the entourage effect.

Key Takeaways

The differences amongst terpenes can be subtle yet impactful; they add a significant amount of depth to the art of cannabis and can even be therapeutic if they have medicinal properties. The good news? There are many cannabis labs that have started testing for terpene content within plants, making it easier than ever to understand the potential effects that a strain could produce. This continued research and knowledge will open even more doors for experts and consumers alike.

The next time you visit our marijuana dispensary in Illinois, don’t hesitate to chat to our knowledgeable team about terpenes!