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Table of Contents

Medical and Adult Use




Legalization & Limits


Return Policy

Can I cancel/adjust my order?

Do you offer delivery? When is delivery available?

Are minors allowed in-store?

Are dogs/service animals allowed in-store?

Medical FAQs

How does Adult Use Cannabis sales affect medical patients?

We will always put our patients first. RISE offers all medical patients

How do I get a medical marijuana card in Rhode Island and become a patient?

If this is my first time to this RISE store, what do I need to do?

What do I do if I need help and want to speak with a live person?

How does a caregiver purchase a product for a medical patient?

Does RISE RI Dispensary offer curbside pickup?

Does RI accept out-of-state MMJ cards?

Does insurance pay for medical Marijuana?

Do I need a medical card to purchase medical marijuana in RI?

Do I need a prescription from a physician?

Is it safe to consume marijuana in Rhode Island? Where can I legally use cannabis?

Can someone help me get medical marijuana?

How much medical marijuana can I buy and possess?

Do I need to wear a mask or face covering when entering a RISE Rhode Island Dispensary?

What cannabis product can I buy in RI?

Does this dispensary provide curbside pickup?

Are patients able to do early/late pickups?

Does the store offer consultations for product recommendations?

Adult Use FAQs

If I’m new to cannabis, what do I need to know to make a purchase?

When and where will I be able to buy adult-use cannabis in Rhode Island?

How old do l need to be to purchase adult-use cannabis? What forms of ID are acceptable to enter a RISE location and purchase cannabis product?

How much is the adult-use cannabis tax in Rhode Island?

Will there be long lines at the dispensaries once adult-use cannabis is for sale to anyone 21 and older?

Are there any rule changes for acquiring a medical card?